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I'm a deep thinker with an artistic mind.
love Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B.
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"Most things don't need to be said you can see." - me

Born original won't die a copy.

"The body my get dirty, but keep your heart clean." - me

"Shade after shade. Paint after paint. Color after color. I am nothing in your crayon box nor tube of paint." - me


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Life we choose (freestyle) my part

The life we choose…
You think this is the life I choose?
Feel more like it choosen for me
Knowing very well God wrote it for me.
So this is my long story
Mad raw
Just look at stuff I saw
I’ve been so non dormant
I forgot what the word home ment.
All the alone time I’ve spent.
With no outlet to plug myself into.
Certainly this environment Is screwing with my mental.
Didn’t know how give a real smile.
Let a lone I didn’t want to.
I need dental.
Too timid
They way I was living had me livid
I swear I look around things weren’t vivid.
Mean while lady suicide had a devils smile.
She steady making her advances
For a deadly romancen
Almost gave in a couple times
But im fighting like it’s cuple time.
I proceeded with the break up
It was time for me to wake up
Still battlin mind heart and soul travelin
Nobody has my back its me by my lonely
Only because I don’t feel as of I can’t trust a soul
Cause of a solo reason they might want to prevent the rise and help the fall
This is the all rise call
Stand and listen
I am on a mission
Gain a spot to piss in
Somewhere i can call home
Im too many spots too many zones
Al that I have flown too
This the roaming eagle
I’m great than with no equal
The enemy made that I survived and made it to the sequel.
This next chapter will surely be a thrill
I final got the license to kill
Eliminate all competition
Watch! just like Gem in the light ima glow
This limelight I can’t ignore

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Well….Some things are truly impossible, but i get the gist of this.
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ouch….That must have hurt
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She’s a legend.
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