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Life we chose

The life we chose…

You think this is the life I choose?

Feel more like it choosen for me

Knowing very well God wrote it for me.

So this is my long story



Mad raw

Just look at stuff I saw

I’ve been so non dormant

I forgot what the word home ment.

All the alone time I’ve spent.

With no outlet to plug myself into.

Certainly this environment Is screwing with my mental.

Didn’t know how give a real smile.

Let a lone I didn’t want to.

I need dental.

Im Just guy with an abstract mind an amazing vision.

I just want to share with the world an hope someones there to listen.

Cause sharing is a lost art

Or rather a lost part

For me it’s what I had thought.
So I equipped myself.

Cause I know what’s it’s like to not have and barely have some help.

This world is cold, but with your heart you can warm it up.

That’s just something I feel inside my gut.

Walking around the earth with a strut?
And for what?

I’m not trying to look down on no one
As far as im concerned there is no #1

Yet the world is at war for this damn blasted position.

At the sametime putting aside humanity and sanity must be vanity.

At the sametime we all in a class system. 

But I’m borderline

I’ve been playing river bank

Not by choice tho

Too timid

The way I was living had me livid

I swear I look around things weren’t vivid.

Mean while lady suicide had a devils smile.

She steady making her advances
For a deadly romancen

Almost gave in a couple times

But im fighting like it’s cuple time.

I proceeded with the break up

It was time for me to wake up

Still battlin mind heart and soul travelin

Nobody has my back it’s me by my lonely

Only because I don’t feel as if I can’t trust a soul

Cause of a solo reason they might want to prevent the rise and help the fall

I hear yo

This vocie inside my head

Telling me and me telling

Propelling me and propelling me

You gotta go you gotta go

Aim high never low

And with a little bit of luck you might rocket to the top


Aim high never low

And with a little bit of luck you might rocket to the top


So don’t stop

So don’t stop

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Fall Back Feat. Fabolous & Brandy

Lloyd Banks
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